Our Purpose

We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create more In Person, Virtual & Community spaces to facilitate True Community & meaningful connection through training, mentoring & support.

Men’s Group Network curates micro-communities for every man who needs it. When you become a member you will learn and practice how to communicate authentically and with vulnerability through self-reflection, ownership statements, boundary setting, and reflective listening.

Your membership fee will help:

  • Sponsor Local In Person Boys’ Groups in conjunction with Schools
  • Provide Finacial Aid for Men & Boys who don’t have the financial means to join
  • Support Mentorship One on One programs for Boys who need Role Models exhibiting Healthy Masculinty
  • Support the Emotional Available Father Mentorship Programs
  • Support Physical Safe Spaces for Community to Connect
  • More to come!

Please go to our Donate page to help with our mission!

We believe strongly that Micro Communities for Men will positively affect the state of our global societal health  by providing a safe space for individual men to be accepted, be seen, and a sense of Belonging.

Authentic Social Connection is a non-negotiable essential  for a healthy body and mind.

Happy, Healthy and Responsible Men are what the world needs.

The MgN’s Community Building System will provide a healthy framework for the men to  navigate almost every social engagement, including conflict providing a resilience to the authentic mature male mindset.

After tackling the individual man’s health and the positive  influence on the global society, MgN’s secondary mission  is to create financial stability for each member who works on helping MgN’s purpose.

MgN has a unique mission expansion system ranging from referrals to mentoring other men’s micro communities, providing a sustainable grass roots worker cooperative profit sharing model for all involved.

This work is so important and any member deserves to be able to support themselves and their family financially while spending their time, energy and attention helping the other men become more Healthy, Happy, Responsible and Authentic.