How It Works

We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create more In Person, Virtual & Community spaces to facilitate True Community & meaningful connection through training, mentoring & support.

Men’s Group Network curates micro-communities for every man who needs it. When you become a member you will learn and practice how to communicate authentically and with vulnerability through self-reflection, ownership statements, boundary setting, and reflective listening.

Your membership fee will help:

  • Sponsor Local In Person Boys’ Groups in conjunction with Schools
  • Provide Finacial Aid for Men & Boys who don’t have the financial means to join
  • Support Mentorship One on One programs for Boys who need Role Models exhibiting Healthy Masculinty
  • Support the Emotional Available Father Mentorship Programs
  • Support Physical Safe Spaces for Community to Connect
  • More to come!

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Men’s Group Network Non-Profit creates the supporting framework for your Peronalized Micro Community of 5-10 committed members by finding men with complementary Values, Core Beliefs and Personalities.

Each Micro Community is different but the Community Building System allows for flexibility to focus on what the group values most, whether it is Talking Stick Sharing or celebrating each member’s power through the Ritualized Boasting.

This is truly a community of equals. Each member gets the ability to choose which format to use to run the meetings. All voices are heard and respected. 

Let’s face a universal truth. In deep meaningful  connections, Conflict is Inevitable…

This realization sucks! I know I wish it wasn’t so…but it is what it is.

Conflict can come in many different forms. It can be active and engaging or passive and resigned.

A rift between what One Wants and Another Wants.

And many of us are afraid of the looming spectre of CONFLICT.  And rightfully so, we often haven’t been taught how to navigate it, how to be authentic and open as a process.

Conflict is the gatekeeper to deeper connection.

Through the stages of community building to get to that loving feeling of COMMUNITY the group must move through the gates of conflict. It doesn’t have to be a fight, it has to be acknowledgement and acceptance.

Fear of Conflict is what actually stops people from getting the COMMUNITY that they need.

I don’t know if you ever felt that feeling of COMMUNITY but let me tell you the closer I get to it the more I need it. I need it for me, I need it for you, I need it for the whole world.

I know we’ve all felt pseudo community, being polite, nice, inauthentic, and pretentious.

Unfortunately, we live in a world of pseudo community, in our work, our neighborhoods, our friends and worst of all, in our families.

Men’s Group Network provides the framework and support for you to build a TRUE COMMUNITY, for any man who needs it.

The Men’s Group Network’s Community Building System will give you the rosetta stone of meeting the common conflicts.

We start the community building by finding men with Complimentary Priorities, Values, and Beliefs(PVB). By spending time getting the group aligned,  we will side step a lot of conflict. 

It is an important  skill to get along with others’ opposite PVB’s but the Men’s Group Network’s first priority is connection.

The Community Building System will give you the skills to navigate through the unfortunate adversarial engagements.that you will encounter in your life, not just in your micro community.

The next step in the Community Building process is self knowledge. Who are you? What do you want? What are your boundaries?

By reflecting deeply on yourself and sharing this information with your community ,more understanding and empathy will arise during the conflict.

We have the rules of engagement based on general guidelines and specific individual boundaries initially set during the Community Building sessions.

For example, If a member has advice for another member they must get consent before giving advice unless the member has specifically communicated that he does not want advice.

MgN aims to eliminate any ambiguity. 

Open communication defining each of our limits sets us more free to be authentic.

In the format of  sharing we require you to present your self knowledge. So when you share and another member feels called to give feedback most of your boundaries will be accessible to remind the member of what feels good for you and what crosses your boundaries.

It is a reminder for you too. Every boundary can be changed. 

This is during the first 8 meetings(2 months) of the Community Building Phase where the Group Leader will be supporting the Micro Community through the process.

After the first 8 meetings the Group Leader will step back from the meetings. It will truly be your group.

Men’s Group Network (MgN) will provide the container for you to have the authentic community but the community is yours!

Let’s Talk about Money:

If you know a Woman that would be interested in this type of Community please direct her to Women’s Group Network

If this resonates for you, If you need to feel connected, heard, seen and cared for…

If you want to join this new Worker Cooperative Profit Sharing Nonprofit model…

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Yes…It really is epicly long….We are building a True Community…Probably something you haven’t felt that often. It takes work from us . It takes work from you.