What Is A Safe Space?

What is A Safe Space?

That word has been used so much that it is almost meaningless.

In the Men’s Group Network and other Micro Communities we make sure that the meetings are a Safe Space.

A Safe Space for our whole being to be 100% welcome. 

All of us are welcomed in.

Accepted Fully.

Where we don’t have to hide our true selves.

An essential requirement to allowing ourselves to take the mask off is knowing

Is trusting  that when there is conflict and individual boundaries collide, 

not if, but when there is conflict in the circle

there’s a safety net in place, a procedure that every man in the circle practiced and agreed on.

These are the Agreements

each man in the Micro Community adds their thoughts and voice in the Community building process.

A Safe Space means that who we are is 100% welcome. Where we come from, 

What we identity as, 

Who we want to be

Our Trauma, 

Our Weaknesses

Our Hopes, 

Our Strengths.

A Safe Space does not mean that 100% of your actions, words and behaviors are welcome.

There universal some behaviors that are not acceptable.

Not welcomed.

Not OK.

Hate Speech

Abuse, physical and emotional 

Taking without Consent

And many more!

All those choices make the Sacred Space 


The Men’s Group Network Community Building Process does the work of gathering men with mature mindsets

who ask questions and search for context before acting on their judgments.

Men who are mindful about simplistic binary judgments and unchecked unconscious reactions.

This is why Men’s Group Network is unyielding in this being the community for men that actually do the work. 

Not men that project that they are doing the work.

Our Nonprofit does the work of sifting through to find dedicated quality men but some men with unhealthy social habits will still slip through.

We make sure by defining what Safe Space is

We aim eliminate ambiguity by being direct in communication when conflict is arises.

Not if, but when it comes.

We gather men that are committed to becoming more aware.

More Present.

More Powerful.

To be able to observe when their pain causes them to act.

To want to be aware of how they act

And be able to be self compassionate but firm when they have a strong impulse to act childish and immature 

They communicate their feelings about their inner child’s desire instead of just doing it.

They share with vulnerability by owning their pain instead of trying to force it on someone else.

But we are not perfect. There is no way to be perfect.

There will always be mistakes, missteps and ignorance of our actions.

When our unconscious pain acts through us and we aren’t aware of it.

What makes this Men’s Group Safe is knowing that if it happens to be you that slipped and crossed that boundary

If it was you that made the misstep

If it was you that couldn’t quite behave in line with your values

Then your brothers will catch you.

Your safe

They will hold you with firm hands to guide you back to yourself by maturely setting a boundary with compassion confrontation.

This is what each agreed to.

This is what we discussed

This is what we consented to

This is the plan we committed to before we need it

A beautiful thing that often happens 

just naturally when you gather men who make finding their path the highest priority.

That doing their Inner Work is more important than any external achievement, 

Over success

Over how much money they have 

what their status is.

Their popularity

It just happens most of the time when you gather Healthy Men.

the Men’s Group Network has a conflict resoultion system,

cheat sheet,  and a map to being intentional and compassionate through the stages of conflict.

Clarifying Questions


Ownership Statements

Boundary Setting

This is what we mean when we say you are in a safe space.

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