You Don’t Have To Do It Alone Anymore

I believe that a lot of us men are lonely. Most of us are just not aware of it yet. It has not yet become a burden. Loneliness is acting differently than you are. Pretending to be your persona.

Not showing your true self. It’s putting your mask on when you go to work and so looking forward to taking it off when you are hidden from everyone that knows you. Your true self is not something to be ashamed of.

Loneliness is what drains you at the end of the day. Loneliness is Interacting with people in an inauthentic way like reading from a rom-com script. Loneliness is the dread of going to your kid’s friend’s birthday party.

Loneliness is betraying yourself. Loneliness is pretending that something’s okay when it’s not, pretending you are more together than you are Loneliness is when you say yes but you mean no.

If you do these things to avoid being lonely but you already are. T

his only perpetuates it and makes the feeling worse.

By being real, being authentic, being vulnerable your energy will return plus some. Men’s Group Network nonprofit can help find you the group of men you need to return to yourself. To Be Real. To Be Authentic.

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