Ownership Statements

One of the most important aspects of True Community is owning one own’s experience. This is not a new concept. What we do is help build in the practice of owning one’s own actions, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

The culture in the Men’s Group, Boy’s Group, and Mentoring Program is one of owning what is yours and setting boundaries.

It is a way of speaking directly and clearly about what you feel and think.

The way to get there is to ask one simple question to yourself:

What is Present for you right now?

What is taking up your resources? Your time? Your energy? Your attention?

Ownership Statements

I Feel In My Body
I Feel the Emotion(s)
I Notice
I Observe
I Perceive
My Gut Says….
I Think
I Notice 
I Remember
I Predict
I Have Analyzed 
I Have Concluded
I Believe….
I Like
I Don’t Like
I Want
I Need
I Wish
I Will….

This practice alone helps in every social interaction from strangers to loved ones. It is one that needs to be practiced and to be the norm of our global society.

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